What is the Right Sexuality?

How many times a day do you wonder about another person’s sexuality? Do you walk up and ask them if they’re gay or straight? Or do you just leave it alone? You realize it is none of your business and if they wanted you to know, they’d tell you. But no matter how hard you try, you still can’t let the question go. So eventually, if you’re brave, you ask that person. Most of the time, they try to beat the hell out of you, and if they don’t, they’re better people than me.

But when did homosexuality become such a big deal? When did society decide it was unacceptable to be a part of the LBGT (lesbian, bisexual, gay, transsexual) community? Who said it was okay to be straight? Who decides this? And yes, I am a firm believer in God, and I do understand that it says in the Holy Bible that homosexuality is a sin, but where in the Bible does it tell me that I can judge another person’s sexuality? Who said it was my job to make these people social outcasts and criticize their lifestyle choice? The God that I worship, know, and love tells me that it is not my job to judge the lifestyle of others, but it IS my job to love everyone. It is my job to show God’s bright light through my daily life. And I will not lie to you, I struggle with this daily, and I will continue to struggle with this as long as sin is among us, but I can tell you I do not judge other individual lifestyles. That is not my job. So at the end of the day, I will accept people for who they are.

So why is homosexuality judged? I don’t see homosexual people running around telling us straight people we are wrong for being straight. I don’t see them saying straight people are damned to hell for being the way they are. In fact, I see homosexual individuals praying for those that judge them. They don’t even pray for themselves, and they live a life that most of us could not live. And I know for fact I could not live a life like they do because everywhere they turn they hear, “You’re damned to hell.” I couldn’t deal with that. So, I question quite often why people want to live this life.

And the only answer I come up with is that they are happy with who they are. They love who they love, and they truly enjoy the relationship they have. At the end of this day, we can’t help who we’re attracted to. We cannot help that our sexual preference is what it is. We cannot go through and heal gay. This is not a disease. It’s a way of life, and if it makes you happy, who can argue that its bad? My answer: no one.

So is homosexuality unacceptable? I believe this question is a matter of personal opinion. My opinion will always be do what makes you happy. If you want to be homosexual, go for it. If you want to be bisexual, you have more of a field to choose from. If you want to be straight, go ahead. No one can truly stop you. So be who you want to be. Screw the ones that won’t accept your lifestyle because they are too close-minded to realize that you are different. At the end of the day, your life is yours. Do you, be you, enjoy you.


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