The Dirty Truth

Every single person on Earth has something to hide. No one can just expose their secrets to the world. That’s how people get hurt. That’s how people hurt other people. Each individual has to make a decision on how much they share and what they keep as their secret. This can be hard to do. I’ve learned first hand the embarrassment that comes with sharing too much information, and I’ve also been on the other end where not enough information was shared and I got hurt by it.

It’s human nature to keep things from others if we know it is going to hurt them, and it is human nature to keep things from others if we know it is going to hurt ourselves. Its just how we’re wired. We want pleasure over pain. We’re happy to not reveal all of our secrets because maybe we’re in love with that person. Maybe we open our hearts up to be broken. Maybe it allows us to, “have our cake and eat it too.” Or just maybe, we don’t want to own up to doing people dirty.

At the end of the day, fear is what makes us hold our secrets back. I mean after all is that a bad thing? Is it bad to hold back? Probably so. But it helps to be a little sneaky, a little protective, right? No, it doesn’t. Because even though you are trying to protect yourself from the negative effects your dirty little secret has on you, it doesn’t protect them. It only protects you. It’s okay to be selfish at times, but when it comes to breaking people and trust between people? You should be the one to own up to your mistakes. People say that it’s not safe to blurt out all of your secrets. People can’t just lay all the truth out there and expose themselves to God and everybody. What we seem to forget time and time again is that the truth has a way of setting itself free, exposing itself to the world no matter how dirty it is.

And no matter how the truth is revealed, no matter if you tell it or if it tells itself, you have to face it. We have to deal with the raw emotions. We have to deal with the disaster it brings. But once the truth has been set free, once the disaster has been fixed, it won’t matter how it all came about. It will only matter who set the truth free. It will only matter if you were brave enough to be honest no matter how dirty your secret was. And who knows, once the truth is revealed, you may just be lucky and get a happy ending.