It Is a Sin Problem

Today, the United States woke up forever changed. Yesterday, there was another mass shooting in Oregon, and I won’t go into the details of it, but I will tell you I’m praying for all involved and this nation as a whole.

And let me just add, I lost massive amounts of respect for President Obama because he took this tragedy and used it to push his political agenda called gun control. Dear Mr. President, this is not the time to push your political agenda. This is the time to stand behind the victims, make this all about the victims! This is not the time to say that gun control laws would have saved American’s lives that day. We don’t know that, nor will we ever know. I can tell you what all Americans know: The United States woke up with a heavy heart today. The United States will be forever changed. Everyone within that community college and that community had a life altering event happen to them. They will be forever changed due to the acts of one person…and all President Obama cares about is pushing his political agenda.

But Mr. President, how can you say gun control laws will stop mass shootings within our nation? I can tell you that taking away guns from good people will not prevent the bad people from getting guns. If a bad person wants a gun, they’ll go get one. So, I hate to tell you, but guns are NOT the problem at this point. The problem is sin. Man’s fallen heart causes people to do things such as this, and the only way to stop this is to go to God and ask him for His healing.

Over the last decade, God has been taken out of schools. As soon as a tragedy happens, school systems want to hold candlelight vigils, and people say, “Where’s God?” Maybe, if He wouldn’t have been pushed out and rejected, these violent acts wouldn’t happen again and again.

And I say this all because I know my God is the Ultimate Healer, Merciful Redeemer, God of Grace. He heals all things broken. And maybe, if they were not as many broken people within this world, mass destruction would not happen. So, I say let God back in. Let Him heal this country the way we need to be healed. I know God exists. I know God heals all wounds. Day in and day out, I find peace within my life due to God’s healing power. I pray daily for God’s hand to come over this country and heal us. And I will continue to pray for this country as long as I live.

Citizens of Roseburg, Oregon, and students of Umpqua Community College, people within this nation are continuously praying for you, and we will continue to pray for you with the coming days ahead. God is with you, and healing is coming.


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