Gratitude Within the Struggle

I saw this older gentleman in my community the other day digging in the trash cans for aluminum cans while I was pumping gas into my car. I watched him for a while, and I saw the excitement on his face when he found another can to add to the collection on his arm. That excitement got me thinking about my own life.

Here lately, I’ve been more upset with how my life is going that I haven’t spent any time thanking God for His faithfulness and His plan for my life. I always expected that when I graduated college, I would use my degree and maybe move home for a few months, but I was never going to make it a long term situation. Here I am, almost a year later, still living in my hometown, and not using my education to the best of my ability. And, in my relationship, I thought I would be engaged by this time, and I’m not.

So, I basically assumed I would have my life together by now, and it turns out I don’t.

Shocker there…but you know what? It’s all apart of God’s plan for me.

And I should be grateful for all that I do have. But when I think of gratitude, appreciation, giving thanks, however you put it, as being happy. But gratitude and happiness are not the same thing.

Just because I’m not happy with where I am in my life right now does not mean that I shouldn’t be grateful for all I have in life right now. I have a Bachelor’s degree, a nice house, food to eat, a great job, a wonderful family, two wonderful pets, and a wonderful boyfriend who loves me. I have the energy to get up every day and admire the struggle it takes to simply be human. And I’m even more grateful that I have an awesome, compassionate God, who is always faithful.

The Lord’s loving kindness indeed never ceases, For His compassions never fail – Lamentations 3:22-23. 






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